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Gippsland Greyhounds
Fostering a Greyhound - a vital step in acclimatising from race dog to family pet

Foster carers are the vital link in acclimatising greyhounds from a racing dog to a family pet. Foster families open their hearts and homes to greyhounds and are often the first home environment that the greyhounds have experienced before an adoption arrangement is made for the dogs with a permanent, suitable, loving and responsible home.

Gippsland Greyhounds is always looking for caring dog lovers who are interested in becoming a foster carer and helping prepare a dog for achieving a fulfilling life as a family pet.

What's involved?
A foster carer's role is to guide and teach greyhounds how to transition from the kennel life as a racing dog to a loving pet in a domestic home. They help the greyhound adjust to life as a pet, teaching them basic house manners and introducing them to things like vacuum cleaners, glass doors, stairs and other animals such as smaller dogs and cats. Life in a kennel can be a pretty sheltered existence and domestic homes can offer many new experiences for most greyhounds. Simply giving them time to learn how to play with suitable toys is a vital part of adapting the greyhound to life as a pet.

Do I need any qualifications?
No special qualifications are required. Just a little patience, a lot of love and a fenced yard. Fostering is a very rewarding journey for both the carer and the dog. This transition time is vital for the next steps forward in the dog’s new life.

How long do I foster each dog?
The fostering period can be as short as a few weeks or up to about 6 weeks long, just until a suitable home is matched to the dog.

Are there any checks or procedures?
A home check will be conducted to ensure the prospective foster carer's property is safe, secure and suitable for the care of the dog. This assessment process is an important part of helping make sure the right dog goes to the right home.

Do I have any support?
Foster carers have the full support and guidance from the adoption coordinator for the appropriate training involved throughout the entire training period.

If you think you would be able to help a greyhound become a loving family pet by becoming one of our regular foster carers, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us for further information or call us on 0438 565 642 to discuss.

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